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Submit Your Ideas

Instead of outsourcing product photos we'd rather team up and pay YOU for your amazing photography skills! What's more authentic than actual Medthusiast customers showing off their love and support of this brand in a genuine way?

Submit Your Design Ideas

We're always looking original Medthusiast design ideas and we realize many of you are even more creative than us so we'd love to hear your ideas! Does your work crew have a favorite saying or medical puns? Maybe there is an inside joke or play on words that the Medthusiast community would chuckle at as well. If your idea is original and we decide to use it we'll gladly compensate you!

We strive to create fun, positive, hilarious, punny, med-centric designs. Some have illustrations and some are font-based. We'd love to hear your ideas! Ideas must be original though (emphasis on the original). Submit your idea and upload any artwork that accompanies it, even if it's hand-scribbled. If we decide to use this idea we'll reach out via email to discuss compensation, get your PayPal information, and provide you with documents to sign that allows us to proceed.

Submit Your Photos

Photos in a medical setting preferred but not necessary. We're striving to create fun, positive, vibrant, med-centric brand imagery with real-life healthcare heroes. Be careful not to include any PHI, patients, or employer logos/emblems. Your skills deserve to be compensated so we'll pay $15 per photo accepted. Not every photo submitted will be accepted. If yours is we will email you shortly after submission with documents to sign which includes a photo release. We'd love for you to post your photo on social media but we ask that you wait until we've posted first.