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About Us

Medthusiast was founded in 2017 by a critical care PA in Austin, TX with a passion for medicine and a love for comfortable apparel.  We pride ourselves in creating fun, medical-themed wardrobe essentials for healthcare professionals and students.  Our humor-inspired tees start a conversation and tell a story.  At Medthusiast, we are proud to be your canvas of self-expression.  Start your story with us. 

Warning: side effects may include laughing, smiling, or a feeling of excitement when worn.  Do not wear if you are allergic to humor or high quality fabrics.

Meet Andrea

Medthusiast Founder & Owner

I'm a PICU PA, wife, and mom with a love for graphic tees, medical humor, travel, Italian truffles, and science facts. 

Origin of Medthusiast

I wanted the perfect word to describe a person who is highly interested in the science and practice of medicine.  Ergo, I combined MEDICINE +ENTHUSIAST and voila!